Talent Building Network




We are a talent discovery and development outfit that helps people discover their talents.

Apart from being a talent coaching outfit, we also create a haven for talented people to network with people who are talented in various fields.

We believe that everyone is unique, talented and equal but special in their own way.Therefore, those who are willing to be discovered or have not yet discovered their talents are free to join us in this venture.

We believe that in as much as school education is important,our talents and special ability has a major role in giving us fufilment of purpose in life.

It has been discovered that a lot of young people have been influenced by their parents, guidance and even the society to do what they have no passion or interest in.

Therefore we encourage young people to go for what they have interest for and to acquire a skill they have passion for even while they are in school because it will help them secure a future for themselves and make them self dependent.knowledge acquired is not wasted.

We reach out to primary schools(classes 4-6) and secondary schools(jss3-sss 3)since these set of young ones are about moving to their next stage of education.Therefore we motivate and educate them about their talents/special ability and to show and counsel them on how they can actually use their talents and skills acquired to suit their passion in life even while they are still in school and after they leave school.


We advocate for solid education and carreer management in every stage of life and that TALENT DISCOVERY & SKILL ACQUISITION be inculcated into our educational system both in primary, secondary schools and higher institutions of learning all over the world.



1.INDIVIDUALS: can decide to be discovered, developed and trained individually.

2.GROUPS: This membership is open to a group of people(friends,youth association,Ngo’s etc)who wants to join our network to be discovered and given the necessary training to discover and develope their talents or given the right counsel as regards choosing a carreer or how they can actually use their talent or acquired skills to create wealth for themselves.

3.SCHOOLS: It’s also an avenue for schools to explore the innumerable talents they have in their schools.We will come to T.B.N member schools to provide our support and services in this venture.        


These are some of the benefits of being a bonafide member of T.B.N.


1.Your talents will be discovered,managed and nurtured to limelight.


2.Every bonafide member will be exposed to development materials that will help them in developing their talents.


3.They will have access to free counselling and consultation of our carreer guidance counsellors especially in their area of talents and skills.They will also be helped to overcome their various life challenges.


4.Those who we discover that are musically inclined will be trained on how to sing professionally and will be exposed to our resource materials.Those who have the tendency of learning how to play a musical instrument will be taught how to play one or more musical instruments we dim them fit to play.



5.Members will gain exposure and resource materials through our website as their profiles will be displayed for talent scouts all over the world to see and for them to network with other talented people from different countries.


T.B.N : Partnerships is open to individuals and corporate organizations all over the world who believe in our vision and want to support what we are doing to better  people’s lives in our society, giving them a cause to live life in fufilment and total satisfaction.

These are ways you can partner with us.

1. LOGISTICS: Your professional expertise will be required during exhibitions, trainings, project executions, talent hunts  and other events.


2.COUNSELLING/CARREER GUIDANCE: You can help counsel any of our talented and skilled members, thereby giving them the right direction as regards their talents and areas in which they are skilled.

3.MENTORING: You can decide to mentor any of our members.You can also be a source of inspiration by helping to motivate them to aspire to become what God has designed them to become in life.


4.VOLUNTEERSHIP: Since this organisation is a talent building network, it’s a haven for talented people in their various fields.You can volunteer to work with us in any area you are talented in.

5.TALENT MARKET: Talent building network is also a talent market where talents are show cased by our members. Organizations that are interested in using them for any occasion or contract deals will simply contact us for negotiations and immediate access to them.


6. FINANCIAL: You may as well decide to donate financially or help us acquire materials and resources that will enable us easily facilitate our projects.  

TALENT   BUILDING  NETWORK……Fashioning your   TALENTS to suit your passion.


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