As I gazed into the sky in the middle of the night, to my surprise I saw an object coming towards me from the moon.

From an object it turned into a fascinating creature, from a fascinating creature it became an indescribable paragon of beauty.


She was so seductive and attractive. I could not resist her. Her love is like an ocean that has o end.


She is like an angel that has no spot or wrinkle.

Her hair is like the expensive wool of Lebanon.

Her lips, so smooth and attractive

Her tongue, instinctively seductive and ravishing


To my surprise and amazement, she turned her back at me methodically and rhythmically.


She mysteriously shook her waist and I saw the most well carved art work of the Creator.

I saw her well-constructed behind invitingly stirring at me.

How could I resist such one in a lifetime offer?

Then turning directly towards me, I saw the most tempting and sensuous breasts in the whole universe.

Both breasts danced like a football in the field of play.


Now, I am trapped. No way out. Who will rescue me from this illusion. Illusion? No, I would rather call it fantasy. But no, it became a reality that I cannot but face.

Oh! Queen of the night you are just a relic of pleasurable island of paradise and unending love.                                                 


Please take me on a ride to your world of Pleasure.

Queen of the night

You are my queen of the night


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