Nuggets for Life


                            NUGGETS FOR LIFE


1.Doubt and fear are the passages of frustration,emotional break down and various ailments of the heart.

2.Vision, insight, foresight and hindsight are the sole of success.

3. Things are not happening because we are not doing things.

4. Doing things alone makes you a lone-ranger which in turn makes you stand alone in times of need.

5. True love is like a strong wine.It intoxicates and makes you dread all odds.

6. Laziness, idleness, procrastination and the inability to set goals are the arch-enemy of success.

7. Looking confuses you but seeing convinces you.

8. Seeing is understanding.

9. Wisdom enlarges your coast and breaks your limitation.

10.Wealth achievement and success starts in the heart.

11.Value is placed on a thing when the purpose of that thing is ascertained.

12. Wisdom is profitable for achievements and success in life.

13. Ideas and innovation are the keys to transformation.

14.Physical transformation cannot take place until there is a transformation of the mind.

16.Inability to appreciate potentials leads to frustration which in turn breeds depreciation of self worth.

17.Information brings about transformation and reformation.

18.Location is necessary for ovation.

19.If you refuse to take your destiny into your hands you will become a destitute.

20.Somethings won’t change until you change them.

21.If you don’t make your way you will become wayward.

22.People who think into the future bring about revolutionary change.

23.Quality increases while quantity declines per time.

24.The major determinant factor of a man’s success is based on his early preparation.

25.Hppiness,joy and prosperity strenghtens and lenghtens life.

26.Knowing what to do and when to them gives you an edge over your fellows.

27.If you keep playing games, you will earn yourself blames.

28.Make yourself a good name so that you can get the fame.

29.Every problem has a simple solution,it all depends on the way you go about solving it.

30.True love involves passion, persistence and commitment.

31.Destiny is a destination designed by God to give you an expected end.

32.Depression is the bait of oppression.

33.The poor man’s happiness is MONEY.The rich man’s joy is LIFE.

34.Successful people spend most of their time planning.

35.Success achievers don’t allow their current status affect their future ambition.

36.Your secret is your power.

37.Your tithe is your insurance and life time assurance for uninterrupted blessings and protection.

38.When we discover our ability, we will overcome our disabilities.

39.Everyone is important in this life and therefore not a spectator but a particpant in life history.

40.People who value our values are instrumental to our success in life.

41.Pitch your tent around those who value your potentials.

42.Your friends know you too well to give you approval in accomplishing your dreams/goals.

43.Friendship should not be all about laughing, talking, and gesting but should be about how to make a difference in our generation and affecting lives positively and helping each other achieve our goals in life.

44.The state of your mind is the state of your life.

45. It doesn’t matter how long you live on earth. It matters how you live to fulfil your destiny on earth.


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