Africa map

Oh! Mother Africa!

From the East to the West, from the North to the South of Africa is strife, killings, starvation and poverty  


Brothers killing brothers and innocent bloods are being shed every day


Arise! Mother Africa and save your child

Give hope to the hopeless

And strength to the weak


 Liberty to the oppressed

 Peace to the restless and succor to the needy


From Free town in Sierra Leone

to Darfur region in the Republic of Congo.

 From the Niger Delta region in Nigeria to Monrovia in Liberia

From Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to Sudan

From Luanda in Angola to Kinshasa in Zaire

From Cape Town South Africa to Nairobi Kenya

Let there be peace, love, unity and prosperity in the Land

Dear Mother Africa!

Show us the way and save Africa your beloved child in whom you are  

Well pleased.



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