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INSTITUTIONS                                           QUALIFICATION/YEAR

Multimedia Training Institute   Digital music production 2006- 2007

Multimedia Training institute       Media Technology Basics 2006- 2007

Multimedia Training Institute        Recording & Mixing 2006-2007

Multimedia Training Institute             Basic Live Sound Reinforcement 2006- 2007

Daystar Leadership Academy             Basic Certificate in Leadership               2005

Institute of Computers & Management Studies Diploma Computer Engineering 1998-1999

Awodi-ora Sec School             Secondary School Leaving Certificate       1987-1993

Estate Primary Adult School            First School Leaving Certificate       1981-1986


Talent coaching, I write poems, movie scripts and articles, meeting people, listening to music, singing, music directing, composing of songs, travelling, playing the piano and bass guitar.




  • Team spirit and ability to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Good oral and writing skills
  • Accommodating personality
  • Good organizational skills
  • Computer Literate


ORGANISATIONS                                                     POSTS HELD

Talent Building Network                                            Founder

Battle axe ministers                                           Music director

Solar Entertainment Agency                            Artist manager




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