broken heart

My sweetheart! My sweetheart! Why have you broken my heart?


My whole life depended on you just as a little child depends on her mother not to drop it on the ground.


Oh my sweetheart, my hearts throb, how the memories of the good times we shared together torments me day and night.


What baffles me most is the way you knock me off my feet with your intriguing smile attractive body.


Why? Why did you decide to abandon me in the island of miseries and confusion and afflicting me with sick love?

Please, heal this wound you afflicted me with or I will bleed to death and the blood of my love will be upon you and your generation yet unborn.


I want you to answer this question carefully if you can. Where do broken hearts go?


You will ever live to be in my heart despite your deeds towards me because I still love you no matter what you have done to me. Let these words be glued to your heart forever.


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