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Friends are supposed to be there for one another in times of need. Friends are expected to tell each other the truth even when they know it can cost them their precious relationship. True friends feel pain when their friends feel pain. Friends are not yet true friends until they have a misunderstanding and are able to contain it. At this point in time that you and your friends have a misunderstanding, it will go a long way to unveil their level of maturity and then puts you in a position to make a decision whether you really want them to continue to be your friends.

It is through the tests of time that true friendship is ascertained because when you are down and all seems not to be working both financially and otherwise, which is when you can truly know if your friends are really your true friends.

Among every ten friends, there is always a black sheep, that odd one out that acts strangely or can’t be trusted. Therefore, people should make wise choices before choosing their friends instead of just making friends. Our choices and tastes differ and when it comes to choosing, a lot of criteria’s are put into consideration. First of all, you really need to know and understand yourself, know what you want and don’t want before you can then make a choice of choosing the people you want to be in your life,

A bad friend stabs you in your absence and praises you in your presence. Friendship should be the brotherly type that we share and show love even in times of adversity. Love is not choosy, love never despises, and love knows no colour, tribe or race. True friendship is an epitome of love.

If friendship is all about talking, laughing and jesting and not about how to make a difference in our generation, helping each other achieve our goals in life and making positive impact the lives of people, then the purpose of God for creating man will be have been defeated.




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Out there are so many talents wasting away right before our very own eyes. Valuable talents inculcated in humanity that can change our facets of life for good. What are our plans to unveil these abundant goodies that are meant to transform our generation and generations to come? How can we discover and uncover these special potentials embedded in us. We can do this by first of all discovering who we are and why we are in existence on earth. In other words, we must strive to know our purpose on earth. It is said that when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. When we have known our purpose on earth, it creates in us a sense of belonging and worth thereby helping us unveil the undiscovered potentials in us.

Everyone is important and unique before God. In fact, the Bible says we are wonderfully made. Before God, everybody is a participant and not a spectator.  We are expected to be a participant of the revolution that will help establish God’s kingdom on earth through the discovery of the untapped resources He has put in us.

In the beginning when God created man, He instructs man to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and to dominate it. Therefore, it is time for us to discover our abilities so that we can overcome our disabilities. By so doing, we can fulfil our purpose in life through our talents.

As it is noted in God’s word that our gifts/talents will make room for us and make us stand before kings /important personalities. That means when we discover and use our talents, it will put us in vital positions that will enable us fulfil purpose on earth to the glory of God. According to the Bible, God has made everything beautiful in its time and that there is time for everything. This means that everything has its timing. We must be able to know our timing because every talent has its discovery time, secondly is the development phase. This is the stage when we had already have discovered our talent(s).

During this time these talents should be nurtured, used in privacy and in our local environment firstly before we can showcase it to the world. As they say, practice makes perfect.

People who value our values are instrumental to our excellence in life. Therefore we should pitch our tenths around people who value our worth and potentials because we will get inspiration and encouragements from them. At this stage of our talent development, there are some people we must avoid even some of your closest friends because your friends know you too well to give you approval of accomplishing your God given purpose in life.

The time for manifestation and validation of your talents/gifts comes next when your talents will be showcased to world to see and give glory to God.

The elapsing time comes last which is the fading away time. This is the time when you are no longer able to display your talents for some reasons but your talent speaks for itself and perhaps you are getting older, or because you did not start on time or because you misused your time. When the fading time comes, you may no longer be relevant and appreciated.

All these times should be noted with great sensitivity and caution so that we do not launch out before our time, the wrong time, misuse our time or when the time has elapsed.

It is when we discover that we can recover and it is when we recover that we can achieve our God given purpose on earth. Ponder on these words.





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It is said that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow. It is also noted that tomorrow never comes because tomorrow is today and today is tomorrow. If we continue to wait for tomorrow to come we will not take our rightful place in life but will continue to live in fantasy. Therefore, it is mandatory for us to make use of our ample time of tomorrow today.

Take a look at the world all over today, you will hardly see a youth in leadership position. The elderly ones have totally dominated the leadership position not because they are not competent but because they are greedy and selfish. The youths are not even asking to take leadership positions now. All they ask for is the opportunity to be nurtured and mentored by these elderly ones so that when the time comes, they will be fully equipped to mount on the leadership wings that they have been nurtured and mentored to ride on.

The youths that are so called leaders of tomorrow are fraudsters, armed robbers, suicide bombers, gangsters and cultists. Many of them are graduates and many of them do not opportunity to go to school for various reasons. Some are not financially capable to further their education; some don’t even have the interest of going to school and some fail to pass their higher institution examinations etc.

To prove that it poverty is not really the issue of youths delving into fraudulent or questionable activities, over the years and even currently, many youths who have been caught in cultist and armed robbery activities were the children of the rich and mightily placed in the society. Will you now say that they were not exposed to the good things of life by their parents or their parents and guidance did not send them to the best schools on earth? These have to do with a lot of issues that needs to be addressed.

First of all is the upbringing of children before they get to the stage where they can make decisions of their own. Many parents are guilty of this, because they never have time for their children. All they do is work from morning till night and come back home when the children are fast asleep and when the children wakes up in the morning they just see their parents briefly before they dash off to work again just to repeat the daily vicious circle. They leave the children in the care of their teachers, nannies, cooks and security and thereby exposing them to improper care and even child sexual abuse.

Secondly, some parents have time to train up their children but never do it correctly. They don’t think it is right for them to educate their children about what is right or wrong. They believe that the children will find out themselves. They use this scenario as an example: By the time a child puts his or her finger in the fire and it burns them, he or she would remove their hands. They believe that when the child experiences it, they will learn from the experience.

Thirdly, the government has also thrown away her responsibility of creating an enabling environment for child care and development. Everywhere you go in our country, you will see gigantic structures mounted and roads constructed everywhere. Our children no more have playgrounds like it used to be in time past all in the name of building a mega city? In time past, there were playgrounds where children could play games socialise. Many talents have been discovered right from childhood due to the enabling environment created for the children. All we have now is social Medias and the internet that has been a blessing and at the same time a curse. Our children have free access to the internet anytime they want and they visit porn sites and read several mind polluting contents that channels them to the wrong side of life.

The government needs to reconsider and re-adjust the working conditions of worker (parents) so that they can have time to cater for their family’s emotional, physical and even spiritual needs so that they can be able to build and imbibe most especially in their children a formidable family values so that when they grow up, they would have been formed to be the youths that we so desire today.

The government has failed in creating jobs for the thousands of graduates that leave school every year; talk less of the youths that did not attend higher institutions of learning. All they do is make empty promises. After graduation, the youths from the wealthy parents already have jobs waiting for them in their father’s conglomerates of business while the unconnected ones roam about the streets looking for jobs that don’t exist.

This is a challenge is a call to all the young people. How long shall we wait for the transformation that we so desire? When and how can we take our destiny into our hands? How can we fight this menace that besieges us? It is time to stop being dependent on the government to help us.

We can help ourselves to achieve the transformation we have been longing for by looking inside of us and discovering our potentials. There is so much abundance that God has blessed us with, He wants us to dig them out and use them for our own betterment, for the betterment of humanity and to His glory.

We can also be self-reliant by learning or to acquire a skill(s) even while we are still in school so that you don’t have to depend on anyone after graduation. The ball is in your court now, what would you do with it?

Instead of complaining and whining we must make a decision today and not tomorrow because our tomorrow begins from today.


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