It was a silent night, the sun had gone down, the moon and the stars had taken over the night shift.

Little did the human species in my apartment know that there was a fascinating scintillating and charming creature present in my room. This fascinating scintillating and charming creature is a paragon of beauty, the creative handy work of the creator.

As the alarm of the wall clock sounded, alas! It was midnight. This paragon of beauty made her first seductive move. She smiled at me from the sofa where she was sitting. Her smile was contagious. Oh! What is this happening to me? I also responded with a smile. Right inside of me I knew I had already fallen for her but pretended. She stood away from the sofa and walked towards me.

As she bent over her body to kiss me, the two sets of her breasts popped out of her clothes. They looked so ravishing, enticing and inviting. Well, I was ever ready for this task ahead of me. I grabbed the two sets of balls and rammed into them using the expertise of my tongue to tickle the ever stirring nipples which had already grown over an inches longer. She moaned in deep indescribable pleasure and ecstasy as if she was in Fantasy Island. On noticing her loud moans I sealed her lips with kisses, thereby reducing the volume of her loud moans. At this point in time my temperature had risen to its boiling point of breakage and needed a deep well of cool water to ease the high erotic tension. She has no choice than to ease this tension which she initiated.

I held and turned her under me and connected myself into her internet of extricating and electrifying pleasure island of no return. Finally out of my buoyant milk industry I poured out my milk into her desert to fertilize it. Ooh! I now feel like an accomplished man. With a deep breath of relief, I suddenly woke up from my sleep and discovered it was all a dream, a fallacy. Wow! I screamed. Why was it a dream?



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